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2020 Nut Drop

In a year of challenges and uncertainty we can take solace in the knowledge that our nuts will drop as normal. Towards the end of September the mighty horse chestnut tree gives up it's seeds for the great game of conkers. Nut swingers far and wide, gather to collect the conkers, in an event has become known as 'The Nut Drop'. With many social events being cancelled, it is expected that the 2020 nut drop will be the biggest yet. As it is outdoors, it is fully compliant with social distancing. What better way to reconnect with friends and family, than over a sack full of ripe nuts? Conker Cup will of course be hosting a Nut Drop & Picnic event, details of which will be available on the Facebook page. Please do also make sure that you have your official Conker Cup Nut Sack:

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