Conker Cup strives to be accessible by as many people as possible. You can download a transcript of the latest Chestnut Chat podcast here. If you require transcripts for previous episodes please contact us.

Chestnut Chat is an affiliate of Conker Cup. We interview the movers and shakers from the world of competitive conkers, and generally serve up top notch conker content. We make it our job to gather tips for success, understand technique, and uncover what champs of the past did to achieve glory.‚Äč


Our primary vehicle for delivering our hard hitting content is the podcast. However, we supplement that with Chestnut Chat TV when needed.

Interview with a Conker Wrangler



The Chestnut Chat team meet Colin Bucket. Colin gives us an insight into the life of a conker wrangler and answers a few question from our viewers

Underground Conker Clubs



Chestnut Chat is back! This time we discover the dark side of Underground Conker Clubs (UCC).

We Visit Nut Corp.



This time the Conker Cup team, take a look at the science behind nut sport technology. They visit the iconic Nut Corp, where they meet Dr Morocco head of Conkers within the Nut Sports division.

Interview with Conker Cup 2019 Winner



We get up close and personal with 2019 Conker Cup champ - James Atkins

Join a local Conker Club.

We have a dream, that one day conker clubs will be as prevalent as football clubs.