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Conker Cup 2020 - COVID Addition

We are faced with challenging times, but will we let that stop us? Of course not! This year the Conker Cup will be conducted in COVID safe rounds called Nut-Bubbles. Each Nut-Bubble will consist of a maximum of six contenders, each contender will have 3 bouts. A win scores you two points, a draw scores you one, the winner of the group will then be promoted to the next round. If there is a tie at the top of the table then a sudden death bout will be played between the two top scorers. All matches will be conducted outside and contenders battling from different bubbles will be required to wear face-masks (we sell conker ones in the conker store). Each Nut-Bubble will need to appoint a Conker Sheriff to oversee the bouts and ensure Conker Cup Tournament Rules are followed. If the Conker Sheriff is also a contender they will need to deputise their role whilst they are competing.

The COVID rules mean that rounds can be conducted at a convenient location for each Nut-Bubble. All Nut-Bubbles will be required to register with Conker Cup (but sending an email to, listing the contenders, prior to the first nut being swung on 10th October. Each Nut-Bubble will receive a tournament pack consisting of 20, pre drilled, class-2 conkers, and six regulation laces. Upon completion of the event please email Conker Cup with the winners name, and how many of their three conkers remain in tact.

We request that footage or photos are captured for the event, and shared with Conker Cup.

Happy swinging.

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