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Conker Cup Supporting Artists

Conker Cup has become part of the ‘Artist Support Pledge’ movement by purchasing ‘Conker Reliquary’

Artist Richard Howell has released a piece of art called ‘Conker Reliquary’ as part of the ‘Artist Support Pledge’. Conker Cup, having raided the piggy bank, are proud to reveal that they have acquired the piece.

The Artist Support Pledge was established by Matthew Burrows at the beginning of the global pandemic. With many art fairs and exhibitions being cancelled Mr Burrows stepped in with a creative way to support artists who were at risk of losing their home. The idea is simple, artists sell works at £200/$200 or €200 or less, when you make £1000 or a 1000 of your selected denomination then you as an artist purchase another artists creation for £200 and so on. To date the movement has created over £20 million for artists and makers across the globe.

For Richard, artist behind ‘Conker Reliquary’ the piece harks back to childhood memories, throwing sticks up into horse chestnut trees and gathering the treasure that fell.

A reliquary for heathens amongst you is a container for holy relics and there is not much holier than a conker. Thank you, Richard, for your creation, it has pride of place in the Conker Cup office and it shall be treasured forever.

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