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Controversial Conker Campaign Launched

In a recent press release a joint initiative was announced by Chestnut Chat and Nut Corp:

We’d like to take you back to 1968, Mexico City, the Olympic Games. A little known high jump contender named Dick Fosbury from the USA, perceived by many as a novelty jumper, took home the gold medal. Why is this at all interesting? Well, his unique style, which came to be known as the Fosbury Flop, initially ridiculed by the sport, is now used by all high jump athletes. He looked at his sport differently and was able to quite literally raise the bar.

The first recorded game of conkers was in 1848, since that time the method of striking your opponent’s conker hasn’t changed. Chestnut Chat, together with Nut Corp are launching a campaign to find new conker strike methods. Initial research has already uncovered ‘the helicopter’ and ‘the elbow reverse’ as potential contenders to the classic strike.

Have any of you amateur nutters been toying with new conker techniques? If so we would love to work with you to test and develop it further. Imagine in years to come the world of nut sports might be employing the Warren Whip, or the Beale Bash! The time is right, the time is now, together we will find new ways to play with our nuts.


The campaign team have asked that should anyone wish to contact them they can do so through the below email address.

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