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Headers Banned in Football, Sparks Debate to Make Conkers the UK National Sport

The decision by the FA to ban headers during training for children under the age of 12, has reignited the Conker Federations plans to return conkers to the top spot for UK sport. The campaign had already started gathering momentum after the England cricket team were told to stop playing football after Burns became injured in a kick about. This latest news is another blow to football. Sebastian McFufflenut, Communications Manager for the Conker Federation said "This is great news for conkers, we have been waiting for football to show its weakness, and now is our chance to get Nut Sports back on the map"

It is often widely, and incorrectly, reported that schools were instructed by the PC brigade to ban conkers, or require players to wear protective goggles. The reality is the conkers is a safe sport, provided contenders don't become complacent. Conker Cup and Nut Corp have done much research into conker injuries, most occur in the form of bruising to the forearm (as a result of over swinging). This is why Nut Corp launched the Nut Deflector Arm Protector.

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