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Juliette Warren GC, has become the first recipient of the Golden Conker, the highest honour in the world of conkers. Juliette, one of the founding members of Conker Cup, has also won the Conker Cup itself twice.

Juliette, a native of England, was educated at a school. It was during this time she first showed an interest in the game of conkers. Although no records remain of her performance during these formative nut years, it is thought that she would have shown early signs of being a great nut swinger. Juliette first became involved with Conker Cup back in 2016 where she, amongst others, conceived of a time where Conkers would take its place as major national sport, not just for children, but for adults too. Since that time she has campaigned relentlessly and worked behind the scenes to ensure the successful running of all Conker Cup’s to date. Leanne, a 2019 Conker Cup contender said of Juliette “As newbie to the Conker Cup I was very nervous. Juliette made me feel very relaxed and showed me the ropes, or should I say laces” Maddy, one of Juliette’s closest friends added “She takes nut sports very seriously, her dedication to conkers is unrivalled. No one works harder to ensure that their conkers are the talk of the town.” The Conker Federation issued the following statement. “This really was an easy decision there is no one more deserving of the very first Golden Conker. Juliette was an outstanding champion in 2017 and 2018, and has continued to work her conkers off for nut sports.” The Golden Conker was presented to Juliette at a secret ‘garden centre’ breakfast ceremony (that her and her husband paid for). Despite the secrecy it was clear that the iconic golden conker statuette drew attention to the event, with at least two people looking over at various points during proceedings. Congratulations Juliette Warren GC.

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