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National Conker Week – October 4th - 11th 2020

One thing we have discovered is that the game of conkers can only be played when there are conkers about! If you are in the UK that time is typically late September until late October. That is why all the serious conker competitions happen around early to mid-October. The Conker Cup has moved its tournament to the first Saturday of October, to act as a feeder competition to the big one… The World Conker Championships, which is always held on the second Saturday of October.

Conker Cup is more than just a regional conker competition. We are here to champion the great game of conkers, and nut sports in general (whatever that is). We want everyone out swinging their nuts! Don’t make the mistake of thinking conkers is just a kids game! Oh no… We know plenty of adults that enjoy the adrenaline fuelled rush of threading your conker onto a knotted shoelace and going into battle with your opponent. None’rs become one’rs, that become five’rs even 25’rs, until the champion of that skirmish is crowned.

To help raise awareness and get more people involved in the great game of conkers. Conker Cup is launching a National Conkers Week campaign, which will be the first full week in October. The week starts with the Conker Cup tournament and culminates at the World Conker Championship, and we hope lots of other local tournaments arranged by you in between.

Playing conkers isn’t just about the game itself it’s a whole experience, from collecting the conkers (after the big nut drop) on an autumnal day. Through to finding inventive things to do with the conkers afterwards, did you know you can make natural washing detergent out of smashed up conkers?

At Conker Cup we encourage our members to grab a nut sack and come out with us collecting conkers for the tournament. On the day of the Conker Cup we have music and picnics as well as the conker competition. Why not make a day of it! In fact why not make a week of it - National Conker Week!

We understand that we are somewhat obsessive about conkers! We think the game should be played all year round, unfortunately mother nature doesn’t agree. Regardless we need your help to promote National Conker Week, so please talk to your friends about and get in touch with your plans. We will ask our friends over at Chestnut Chat to do an episode on some of the ideas you come up with.

We strive to keep conkers at the forefront of people minds, share news, interviews and conkers scoops with you all. Together we will become better, stronger and lift the game of conkers to new heights. Release your inner child, get involved.

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