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Thursday 16th January 2020 will no longer be just another unremarkable day, it will enter the history books as the day on which The Golden Conker Awards were founded.

The Golden Conker (GC) is the highest award of the United Kingdom conker honours system. It may be awarded posthumously. It may be awarded to any person that has made significant contributions to further the game of conkers and nut sports generally. The awards are sanctioned by the Conker Federation, but issued by Conker Cup. Unlike traditional honours they can be issued at any time throughout the year. It is not possible to be entered for an award, recommendations can be made by anyone, however the shortlisting and honour process is shrouded in secrecy.

Winners of a Golden Conker will receive the coveted conker statuette, and will be entitled to use the letters GC after their names for formal occasions. However, more than that they are immortalised on the conker honours list at The first citation of the GC was in 2020, the year they were founded. To date the Golden Conker has been awarded only once.

If you would like to recommend anyone for a Golden Conker award, please email

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