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We might be going nuts in lockdown, but could lockdown be good for Nut Sports

2020 will be remembered for one thing, and one thing only, the Corona Virus. Social distancing and self-isolation has challenged us all, and we will all come out of it forever changed in one way or another. While the world got to grips with video conferencing and virtual quizzing, businesses have had to adjust their propositions to better serve their clients.

The Conker Federation is no different. We can speculate if it was an act of kindness, or in response to falling revenues, regardless the Conker Federation’s vice like grip on regulated games has been relaxed for the first time in its history. In early March we witnessed legislation rushed through by the Conker Federation to bring back a long forgotten version of the game ‘Gentlemen’s Conkers’, and as of today the recognition of Street Conkers as a legitimate game.

“This is a landmark moment within the game’s history. I have been advocating this for years and I am over the moon this has happened in my lifetime”

Chad Slammer – Street Conker Enthusiast

Conker Cup has welcomed this news, and have begun work on the creation of two conker leagues to promote both of these new games. The details as to how this will work has yet to be released but it is thought that upon joining one of the leagues the competitors will be issued a supply of aged conkers and a lace, with matches being arranged by the individuals. Chestnut Chat will report on this development as it unfolds

The world can sometimes be a crappy place, we can all agree that COVID-19 can do one. But we must take comfort in the little joys and the accelerated evolution of the game of conkers, is certainly a joy to behold.

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