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Conker Cup signs deal with Lego to create Lego Conkers

London, UK. Danish toy company The Lego Group, has entered the lucrative world of Nut Sports. In a surprising move, these small little interlocking bricks have simultaneously solved two problems that have long plagued competitive conkers.

The first is how to maintain training during out-of-season month. Conker Cup have been looking for substitute conkers for some time. The problem is that the highest ranking substitute conkers that have been found to date are organic, meaning that at some point they degrade. The Lego Conkers are plastic and reusable, so with the right care they can last forever.

The second issue is one of sustainability. During training the number of fresh nuts that are smashed is alarmingly high, when you are dealing with premium nuts that can become expensive. The Lego Conkers when striking each other, shatter down the fault lines where the bricks connect together. Upon a nut split, simply collect the pieces, reassemble, and you are back in business.

When asked to comment on this new product line and the deal with Conker Cup, Lego had this to say…

“Please leave us alone. We have repeatedly told you that we don’t know what you are talking about, and we don’t know what conkers are. If you contact us again we will take out a restraining order.”

Conker Cup have said that they hope to have the Lego Conker Kits up for sale on their site, but pricing and availability has yet to be confirmed.

The eyes of the world are on this new invention and the impact it will have on the game. The word "lego" is derived from the Danish words "leg godt", meaning "play well" can you think of a better omen for a conker game?

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