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On the afternoon of March 5th 2020 the tension within Conker Cup HQ was palpable. The facebook 'Likes' counter (made by Smiirl) teetered on 99 likes. At approximately 15:09 the counters clicked, and it finally happened, Conker Cup joined the triple like club. Gill Bradford was the lucky lady that got us over the line. In an emotional video interview Gill had this to say...

In a statement released, Conker Cup had this to say... We are over the moon, as a bunch of dreamers on a mission, we choose this milestone, not because it is easy but because it hard.

We would like to thank Gill for believing in us and would like to reward her with a specially commissioned 'Red Conker' to coincide with Comic Relief.

Gill, our nuts are on the way!

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