To celebrate key workers during this challenging time, Conker Cup have released a limited addition Key Worker Conker T-Shirt design. So how do Key Workers get their hands on one of these snazzy numbers? Well it's simple, there are 3 ways:

1. Give our Conker Cup Facebook page a like and nominate a key worker, just drop us a message with their name. Every Thursday at 8pm (just after the NHS clap) we will pick a key worker at random to get a T-Shirt.

2. Each week we run a competition called ‘Our Nuts on Their Face’ (ONTF). If you win, you get a winners T-Shirt AND you also get to nominate a Key Worker, who, if they like our Facebook page will receive this unique Key Workers Conker T-Shirt.

3. If you just can't wait, you can always purchase the T-Shirt for a key worker you know from our store (, 100% of the profits will be donated to the NHS.

Stay safe nutters!

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